What are L.E.D. Displays? All you Need to know About Digital Signs!

Besides advertisements, outdoor LEDs signs can be used for many purposes. They found no efforts in bringing the sales towards the company. For those who are willing to start the business using this innovative marketing strategy, we made the blog to let them understand what LED video displays are and how they contribute to the success of the brand.

Let us understand each component of the LEDs below!


  1. What are LEDs?
  2. What is Pixel Pitch?
  3. What is the display resolution?
  4. What is Matrix?
  5. What should be the length of the display?
  6. What do Hardware and Software serve?
  7. Where to Connect the LEDs signages?
  8. What should be the lifetime of the electronic signs?
  9. What should be the quality?
  10. Advantages of Outdoor digital signs led?

What are LEDs?


LEDs are known by “Light-emitting Diode”. These are the innovative creations that emit light on their own. After connecting with the electric circuit they start emitting lights. They do not have filaments that could burn them. The color and illumination of the LEDs are determined by the electrons kept on moving continuously inside them. Outdoor LEDs displays began their journey with Monochrome color but when RGB (red, green and blue colors) introduced they totally modified the way of marketing.

What is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel is defined as the group of LEDs; pixels vary on the basis of size. The more LEDs in a pixel, the more expensive your sign will be. Pixel pitch is the short distance between one pixel to the other present upside, downside, right, left, forward, and behind. This short distance is measured in millimeter most favorable is 9mm. The quality of an image is determined by the pitch. With the passage of time as we heading towards betterment, pixel pitch’ density is also improving.

What is the Display Resolution?

Display resolution is directly linked with the LEDs pixel pitch that determines quality. The least pixel distance, the more display resolution of LEDs display. A person can see the content on the outdoor LEDs and billboards from far away if the resolution will be higher.

What is the Matrix?

Matrix is the term determines the size of the outdoor LEDs signs. It is another feature found in the digital signs made up of pixel wide and pixel high. For instance, if an Electronic Sign is 45 pixels high and 78 pixels wide then matrix would be 45*78.

What should be the length of the Display signs?

Size of the display screen depends on the following factors:

  1. Where your sign will be placed?
  2. What is the speed on the road?
  3. Is there stop or light signs?
  4. What is the viewing distance from the road?
  5. How bright and large is your screen?
  6. Your LED signage must be RGB, while if you are going with Monochrome, then make sure what you want to display and it should be effective.

If the speed on the roadside of the sign is 45mph then make sure the character and the display you are choosing is larger.

If the speed is slower as 25mph then small characters are not the big issue.

Never choose too big or too small LEDs to display your message- it is simply wastage of money! Make sure about the size screen that could be readable from 10-15 meters.

What do Hardware and Software Serve?

These two are the most important components of the electronic signs, without them, your display would seem like the traditional printed paper. These two collaboratively control content management, media player, mounts, network, screen components, and display switching.

Where to connect the LED Digital Signage?

Newest technology has been embedded into them to control the display contents, you can connect your billboard signs, outdoor roadside digital display, and wall-mounted digital screens on just a single tap using mobile. They can be connected via hard-line or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

What should be the Lifeline of the Electronic Signs?

Your considering LEDs screen must be energy efficient with 50,000 hours life. Well, there are many LEDs display working to different hours limit but the best for business is what works for 50,000+ hours.

What Should Be The Quality?

It’s difficult to determine the quality of anything you haven’t worked with. Ask some questions before you purchase with the seller. What is the warranty? The best LED works with the warranty of 5 years. What LED’s screen is coated with? The LED must be epoxy coated with pure black color. What is the accuracy? Accuracy must be approximately 95%.

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Sign?

Today, everyone is well aware of the advantages it brings to the business.

  1. It attracts passersby.
  2. It increases sales by up to 39%.
  3. It is an important marketing strategy.
  4. It is cost-efficient.
  5. It is flexible as it displays images, words, animations, and videos.
  6. It is also energy efficient and environmental friendly.
  7. It speeds up dragging business to the heights of success.
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